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We recommend a quarterly deep clean to rid your home of pesky buildup, especially in the bedroom, kitchen, and common areas. 

Deep cleaning is necessary under different conditions. For example, dust, mildew and other buildup may have been ignored for an extended period of time, so a standard cleaning won’t cut it. Perhaps your family hosted a party and the cleanup job is huge. Or maybe you’re moving into a newly renovated apartment or home. Whatever the case may be, we offer deep cleaning services for your tough jobs. 

Our deep cleaning services are typically used for the following conditions:

✔︎ Post-construction cleanup

✔︎ Move In / Move Out cleanup

✔︎ After a celebration, party, or other event

✔︎ Seasonal cleanup


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Our deep cleaning services include the following and much more:

✔︎ Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all bedrooms, the kitchen, common areas and bathrooms

✔︎ Cobweb removal, thorough dusting and wiping

✔︎ Cleaning and wiping windowpanes

✔︎ Cleaning, dusting and wiping doors and door frames

✔︎ Mold, mildew and buildup removal

✔︎ Full bathroom cleaning (floor to ceiling)

✔︎ Baseboard scrubbing

✔︎ Damp mopping and scrubbing

✔︎ Dusting of blinds

✔︎ Cleaning of stove, range/stove exhaust and refrigerator

✔︎ Chrome fixtures and faucets polished

✔︎ Removal of fingerprints, insects and other residue

✔︎ Vent cleaning and dusting

Book a deep cleaning at check out. 

 It’s an additional cost for triple the elbow grease!

Please contact us for post-construction jobs or other projects that require special attention.